The alternative cures are seriously threated in the European
Union by extreme and bureaucratic Law and Rules of the
Many natural medecins and healthremedies are threating
from the market.
The citizens of the E.U.·Mernber-States have less of choice
for the natural medecins, which people need for their health!
The citizens has the fundamental Right of Free Choice of
Therapy and a Basic Right on Health and Quality of Life.
The European Union has to take the responsibility to take
these groundprinciples in his Law. The European Parliament
is for the Citizens and also for the Plants and the Animals in
Europe or not??
Also animals have their Rights on Welfare.
It cannot be possible that ANIMALTESTING is allowed or
obliged by the E.U. (Agency EMEA in London)
(Reach-Program, Testing of animals on medecins) has to
stop Nowl!
Its high time, that the European Commission, the European =_
Ministers involved, and the European Parliament must make
allowance for the reasonable wishes and needs of the E.U.-
Citizens, and the human organizations and to take them
more serious !

With kindly regards,
Dr.John Hart,
Ass. E.A.T.R.G.,


 EU-citizens demonstrate to preserve naturopathy

Brussels/EU citizens protest against the ruthless and bureaucratic EU legislation
concerning anthroposophical, homeopathic remedies, phythotherapeutic products
and food supplements. Meanwhile many homeophatic remedies have already
disappeared from te Dutch market.

Registration costs and those of scientific studies are far to high for most producers of
naturopathic remedies. Unfortunately the EU doesn’t sufficiently take into account
the financial situation of these small companies. Phytocerapeutical medicine cannot
be registered as remedies without scientific experiments on animaIs(EMEA).
Why do these herb remedies have to be tested on animals as these remedies have
been used for thousands of years bij mankind without any problems?

Why does the UE put the naturopathic remedies on nearly equal footing with the
chemical pharmaceutic products?
The mechanism of the efficiency of the naturopathic remedies is based on the
synergy of the substances and forces.

Whereas the pharmaceuticals are artificials products accompanied by mostly
considerable secondary effects, and the biochemical- and molecular structures are
different compared to the naturopathic remedies.

The criteria for scientific study must therefore be adapted accordingly.
Here the EU is asked to take the necessary steps.
Professor Dr. Popp’s method of bio-photonic analysis can be very effective.

Alternative medicine is based on an individual diagnosis and a personal medical
The complementary and alternative medics (CAM) consider a patient’s spirit, soul
and body whereas the doctors of classical medicine care much more for
biomechanical phenomena of the human organism, a.o. , thats’s why the doctors of
classical medicine keep to standard models.

For this reasons Evidence Based Medicine is solely suitable to classic medicine and
the ass. EATRG refuses this EMB—Method to naturopathy.

It is inconceivable that the UE asks for experiments on animals.
There is a lack of political will to introduce alternative research methods.
lt is hard to understand that a patient can no more buy the naturopathic remedies
that he needs and has used for a longer period .

The EU has the duty to respect the freedom of individual therapy and to guarantee
the availability of naturopathic remedies.
All EU citizen are entitled to the right to a quality of life!

Dr. John Hart.
Chairman Ass. E.A.T.R.G.
Tel. + 31 45 5212076
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