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which stands up for that the Member States of the EU
form their legislation in a democratic way to guarantee
the freedom of therapy to any citizen resident in the EU,
in order to choose freely your preferred method of
treatment where health is concerned: allopathic
medicine, alternative healing methods such as
homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine,
spiritual healing or any other healing methods.



7 October 1991 saw the setting up in the Netherlands of the association
"European Action Group for Freedom of Therapy and the Right to Health"
ass. E.A.T.R.G.

The association's aim is to further the interests of European producers and importers of homeopathic
and natural healing products, of doctors, therapists and other members of the medical professions
involved in Complementary- and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and of patients/ consumers who make use
of such methods.
The association calls on the Member States of the EC, the European Parliament and the European
Commission to permit and recognize Complementary- and Alternative methods , and to guarantee
freedom of therapy, and freedom for information about these natural methods and products for every
person resident in the European Union.
In view of the freedom of movement of persons and services within the European Internal Market which
is to take effect as of 1993, the association also demands that therapists and other members of the
medical professions engaged in complementary- and alternative methods of healing should be permitted
to establish a practice wherever they wish to do so within the European Union.
lt demands , furthermore, that such practitioners should be free to practise in any Member State, in
accordance with the principles of pluriformity and democracy.
It is high time that the European Commission and the European Council of Ministers, and the European
Parliament took the necessary steps to put an end to discrimination within the European Union and most
of the Member-States against Complementary- and Alternative Healing Methods, and those who practise
The association calls upon the Member States of the European Union and the Public Health Authorities
at both national and international levels to ensure the earliest possible introduction of a unified and
democratic European policy on Health and respect the whishes and demands of the Millions of European
citizens for CAM!
The right to health is a fundamental right, and every person must have the right to decide freely and
independently as to his or her preferred method of treatment where health concerned.
The national governments of several Member-States of the European Union currently follow a
paternalistic policy as regards health, however, and impede their citizens in the exercise of their
democratic freedom with respect to the choice of therapy.
Pluriformity in the field of health, and more effective control of the ever-increasing costs involved, would
most certainly be made possible if Complementary- and Alternative Methods of Healing, which are
reliable, effective and low-cost , were to be recognized.
The various organizations providing medical insurance should also be prepared to reimburse the costs
involved in CAM—methods.
Membership of the Association "European Action Group for Freedom of Therapy and the Right to
Health" is open to a||!! The membership contribution is very low, 5.- Euro per Kalenderyear per Person.
The association is a European NGO, we are for the citizens of the European Union!
With kind regards,

With kind regards,

Dr. John Hart,

Chairman Association E.A.T.R.G.
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